Race & Equity Working Group


Race and Equity Working Group

ASBN’s Race and Equity Working Group was created to address the inequities prevalent and pervasive in the economic and social construct of the United States and to hold our legislators accountable to social and economic justice. We ensure that the dignity and respect of diverse perspectives, voices and values of a multicultural America are heard and reflected in ASBN’s policy work toward creating an equitable and compassionate economy for all. It collaborates with ASBN’s policy team to gather support on issues that have a disparate impact on minority communities, inclusive of, but not exclusive to, African Americans, Latinx, Asian Americans, Native Americans, LGBTQ, Veterans, and People With Disabilities. For minority-owned businesses and representatives of organizations that serve communities of color, issues such as access to capital, income inequality, criminal justice reform, economic development opportunities, clean environment, and responsible workplace are high priorities.

The Race and Equity Working Group will:

  • work on important issues to help level the playing field, define policy where there is none, and back those initiatives that eliminate discriminatory practices, and help improve the economic health and well-being of traditionally marginalized sectors of society;
  • work to link members, issues, and legislators to advocate for policies that foster an equitable and just economy;
  • provide support to local initiatives and campaigns that align with our business goals
  • develop op-eds and provide spokespersons to the media and policymakers
  • actively recruit minority-owned business voices.

The Race and Equity Working Group holds a quarterly call/meeting to surface ideas, issues and strategies for moving forward an agenda that serves the growth needs of minority-owned businesses and healthy communities. When necessary, it will also convene subgroups to tackle specific issues


On June 9, REWG launched its “Business Confronts Racism” campaign to address the current and urgent crises of institutional and systemic racism at every level of society that have been exposed over recent months. Out of an overwhelming response from our business community to identify, prioritize, and implement solutions, we have created a set of subgroups that meet monthly and include:

Group 1: Protecting the Election
Group 2: Community Investment
Group 3: Confronting Racism On A Local Level
Group 4: Policing and Federal Policies 
Group 5: Investor Responsibility 
Group 6: Racism and the Food System

Current Actions:

If you are interested in participating in our efforts to find solutions we can put to work for our “Business Confronts Racism” campaign, please contact Ali-Reza Vahabzadeh, ASBN Vice President of Membership.

Business Role in Race & Equity

Business Role in Race & Equity

Our is a community, a movement, with a conscious commitment to creating an economy that works for all. So how do we turn that commitment, mission, and purpose into action and measurable impact that shifts us to an anti-racist, fully inclusive global economic grid? Hear from solutionaries who are embracing the roles as ally, accomplice, and co-conspirator in the global movement for racial equity and addressing urgent systemic issues in human, financial and political capital markets.

Rep. Pressley Aide to Highlight ASBC’s Race & Equity Working Group

Rep. Pressley Aide to Highlight ASBC’s Race & Equity Working Group

Aya Ibrahim, legislative aide to Rep. Ayanna Pressley, will join the American Sustainable Business Council’s Race and Equity Working Group this Thursday, 12/17, at 2 p.m. ET to discuss prospects for the incoming Biden-Harris Administration and the 117th Congress, with a special focus on progress on racial justice and economic, environmental and social equity.



  • MaryAnne Howland, Chair, ASBC’s REWG; Founder & CEO, Ibis Communications and Global Diversity Leadership Exchange
  • April De Simone, Founder, designing the WE and Undesign the Redline
  • Tequila Johnson, Co-founder & VP, The Equity Alliance
  • Derek Peebles, Executive Director, AMIBA
  • Sandra McCardell, President, Current-C Energy Systems, Inc
  • Thomas Oppel, Executive VP, ASBC
  • Val Red Horse Mohl, Executive Director, Social Venture Circle
  • Mary Beth Gallagher, Executive Director, Investor Advocate