Protect Democracy


Protect Democracy

As part of our ongoing election information campaign, American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) is closely monitoring voter rights policy across the country. Strong leadership is needed to ensure a fair and free democracy, and ASBN strongly supports all business leaders who are dedicated to breaking down the barriers that exist for voters across the nation.

Op Ed

Senate Needs Freedom From Minority Oppression

July 4, 1776, the 13 “united States of America” declared their independence, throwing off oppression from Great Britain. The government in the new country would derive its “just powers from the consent of the governed.”

ASBN in the News Impact EntrepreneurBy Gayle Shanks & Valerie Red-Horse Mohl

Businesses Need the Freedom to Vote Act

In this opinion article, ASBN co-chair Valerie Red-Horse Mohl and Arizona bookstore owner Gayle Shanks share their perspective why businesses benefit from and need voter protection legislation.

Media Release

ASBN Demonstrates Why Businesses Need the Freedom to Vote Act

The American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) today announced details of its business-led campaign to demonstrate the need for passage of the Freedom to Vote Act and protection of voting rights. “Our country was founded on the premise of the freedom of its citizens from a distant monarch,” said Thomas Oppel, Executive Vice President, ASBN. “And thanks to the will of our people and our strong and resilient economy, we have enjoyed the independence we celebrate every July 4.


Read the Business Case for Supporting Voter Access and Strengthening Democracy Here

Voting is a cornerstone characteristic for a functioning democracy and preserving rule of law. In the United States, voter turnout lags most developed countries, with only 56% of voter-age Americans turning out in the 2016 election. For a well-functioning and sustainable economy, businesses must support participation amongst its stakeholder groups in all democratic rights and responsibilities and advocate for voter laws to reflect the constantly changing times.


ASBN Victory 10+ year Congressional fight won! Anonymous shell companies banned.
December 11, 2020

Congress finally passed Corporate Transparency Act of 2019 to end legalized corporate secrecy in the US.

Read the press release below:

With Veto-Proof Majority, Senate Sends Landmark Bill Ending Anonymous Companies to President’s Desk

Historic Senate Vote Approving Corporate Transparency Act — a Part of the National Defense Authorization Act — Follows Veto-Proof Approval by House on Tuesday