Circular Economy Working Group


Circular Economy Working Group

The Circular Economy Working Group brings together a wide variety of key stakeholders as ASBC works to tackle the waste crisis, especially plastic waste, in the United States. Environmentally-focused organizations and business leaders from across the nation collaborate to help guide our Packaging Waste Reduction campaign, with a focus on both federal and state level policies.

Through the development of a guiding set of principles, we are ensuring that there will always be criteria that need to be met by proposed legislation in order to gain our support. These topics include but are not limited to:

  • Moving towards a circular economy
  • Ensuring all parties bear their fair share of responsibility 
  • Providing for economic efficiency and feasibility of changes
  • Creating incentives for innovation
  • Establishing uniform standards, proper enforcement and compliance

The Circular Economy Working Group is eager to continue working with policymakers, businesses and other stakeholders to assist in identifying effective solutions and policy options for addressing the important issue of plastic waste pollution

Circular Economy Working