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Tell Congress to Support Regenerative Agriculture in the Farm Bill

Negotiations for the 2023 Farm Bill in the U.S. Congress have begun. Passed roughly every 5 years, the Farm Bill is a package of legislation that determines policy across the food and agricultural sector. Impacting everything from crop insurance and market development, to nutrition and access, it is vital to how the industry functions. Supporting regenerative agriculture in the Farm Bill will not only be good for the environment but will also benefit farmers and ranchers, and build a more resilient economy and food system as a whole. 

This is one of the main opportunities for stakeholders to engage in the federal policies that shape our food and agricultural system.

By signing on and endorsing these farm bill priorities, you will add your voice to the growing list of businesses, investors, and organizations calling on Congress to support regenerative, equitable, and just agriculture and food systems! Contact Colton Fagundes to learn how to become more involved: 

Read the Regenerative Agriculture and Justice Farm Bill Priorities Here

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