Cleaning Product Ingredients Disclosure


Cleaning Product Ingredients Disclosure

Dear Policymaker:

We, the undersigned cleaning product manufacturers, retailers, home services companies and business leaders, strongly support legislation which will require manufacturers of cleaning products to fully disclose all ingredients to consumers.

In the absence of regulatory requirements, many of the undersigned already fully disclose the ingredients they use, including fragrances. Our commitment to ingredient transparency is proof that a company can provide this information without adversely affecting the bottom line.

We agree with the Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Packaging and Labeling Act statement that, “Informed consumers are essential to the fair and efficient functioning of a free market economy.” Giving consumers product ingredient information enables them to make value comparisons between products and allows them to avoid certain products that may contain chemicals of concern.

A consistent labeling requirement would benefit consumer confidence by providing uniformity of labeling practices, and ultimately benefit business and the economy.

We strongly encourage you to support ingredient disclosure policies to drive a vibrant and transparent marketplace for cleaning products.