Business Role in Race & Equity

Business Role in Race & Equity

Our is a community, a movement, with a conscious commitment to creating an economy that works for all. So how do we turn that commitment, mission, and purpose into action and measurable impact that shifts us to an anti-racist, fully inclusive global economic grid? Hear from solutionaries who are embracing the roles as ally, accomplice, and co-conspirator in the global movement for racial equity and addressing urgent systemic issues in human, financial and political capital markets.

Sada Geuss, Investment Manager, Trillium Asset Management
Dave Rapaport, Global Social Mission Officer, Ben & Jerry’s
Konda Mason, Founder, Jubilee Justice
Mark Watson, Co-Founder and President, Pot Liquor Capital
Damien Goodmon, Downtown Crenshaw Rising

MaryAnne Howland, founder and ceo, Ibis Communications and Global Diversity Leadership Exchange, chair, ASBI and ASBC Race & Equity Working Group