Livable Planet Working Group


The Livable Planet Working Group

The Livable Planet Working Group is dedicated to identifying systems and solutions that enable all life to thrive. We will work together to enhance these living-systems, tending to personal, team, community and global wellbeing. We meet monthly to look inward at our own lives and organizations and outwardly to learn from collective efforts, as we work to heal the planet and ourselves. 

Guided by the underlying belief that for-profit and non-profit businesses are a  powerful force for ensuring the ecological health of our planet. We hope to infuse Living Systems thinking, strategies and practices into the ASBC-SVC community as a whole. 

This group will be similar to a professional peer group, meeting monthly with team leads in order to use our time effectively. We will support each other and report what we do and learn for the benefit of the LPWG and the wider community. Examples are various living, natural systems and how to co-create impact around themes that are shared by members. Our intention is to connect change makers, to spotlight solutions for a livable planet, and to convene a community of practitioners doing the work on ourselves, within our communities and within purpose-driven organizations and businesses that seek to be faithful stewards of the earth. 


The Livable Planet Working Group consists of passionate Earth advocates eager to collaborate with one another to make meaningful change. Members are expected to participate in monthly meetings and take part in at least one focus area that will be generated by the group. Quarterly Town Halls, hosted through SVC’s Next Economy Live series, will feature leaders and contributors in the living systems field with the intention to educate, engage and inspire the broader community. 

Monthly Meetings: Open to ASBC-SVC members only and invited guests. Meets every second Thursday of the month from 1-2:30 pm ET.