Livable Planet Working Group


The Livable Planet Working Group

The LPWG advocates for living systems thinking and practices in business as usual on planet Earth. As a global watering hole for change makers working across sectors and scales, the LPWG offers a space and place for leaders on the frontlines of Earth justice work to share and amplify solutions. 

VISION of the Livable Planet Working Group

The Livable Planet Working Group (LPWG) aims to grow momentum toward a healthy planet Earth where all of life flourishes. Through community, education, and collaboration, the LPWG is an evolving forum for change makers to join forces and respond strategically to local, regional and global imperatives - stewarding innovative thinking and the regeneration of a healthy, just and sustainable world – now and for generations to come.

Building on ASBN’s mission is to inform, connect, and mobilize business leaders and investors to transform the public and private sectors toward a just and sustainable economy. We aim to integrate principles of living systems into business, culture and policy.

Our Why/ Premise / We exist to:

Humanity is inextricably connected and dependent on the health of the biosphere. Mass extinction, climate crisis and biodiversity collapse are unintended consequence of a deep disconnect in our minds, in our economic and social systems. This group believes together, business, policy and individuals have the responsibility and potential to lead, that everyone has a role to play in ensuring a livable planet now and into the future. Through collaboration, education and connection, the LPWG is contributing to the story of regeneration and symbiosis on the planet earth, where humans, the economy, and the biosphere’s many life systems can thrive synergistically. 

How we work: 

Through monthly rotations, LPWG co-chairs alternate to host monthly meetings that orbit around an active change maker work session, breakout groups into subcommittees and a forum for village news and connection. In addition to regular meetings, LPWG also hosts quarterly town halls where we amplify important education and calls to action in support of living systems for the ASBN and broader community.

LPWG is stewarded by three Co-Chairs:

Jan MorganLiz Rubin | Sierra Flanigan



Who are we? 

B Corps, Impact investors, change makers, entrepreneurs, dreamers 

Guidelines and Shared Commitment

We are systems thinkers and change agents who value life on a local, regional and planetary scale.

We are present with each other and the work. We build on each other’s strengths, and commit to clear communication, open mindedness and kindness.

We prioritize inclusivity and make sure all voices are heard by speaking up for those not present.

We take responsibility for our ideas, actions and follow through on our word and commitments.

We aim to have fun while shifting society’s story to one of hope and regeneration.

Schedule & Topics

  • Jun 1, 2023 01:00 PM ET
  • Jul 6, 2023 01:00 PM ET
  • Aug 3, 2023 01:00 PM ET
  • Sep 7, 2023 01:00 PM ET
  • Oct 5, 2023 01:00 PM ET
  • Nov 2, 2023 01:00 PM ET

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Upcoming Town Halls:

Town Hall recordings & Impact

Teams / Tracks 

  • Culture and Media (aka ”The Howling Transformers” 
  • Agrivoltaics and clean energy 
  • Amazon Headwaters and Bioregional Economies
  • Impact Investment and clean banking
  • Conference and Network Integration
  • Policy Action, partnership with the Businesses for Conservation Action (BCCA)

What does Living Systems Work look like?

Three imperatives for a Livable Planet in this Decisive Decade

  1. MITIGATE (global with local and regional consequences) Anthropocene Impacts/Risk Climate Change Waste Pollution, esp. plastics Deforestation Acidification Social and economic inequality Preparedness and Resilience, Toxic chemicals/ ecosystem poisoning and poisoning bioaccumulation, Ocean collapse
  2. STEWARD (local and regional) Circular economy, Social systems, Food finance politics, Energy, Buildings, Health and Wellbeing, Indigenous relations, Materials, Supply chains, Governance and Policy, Education, Mobility, Culture, Investments, Information, Technology
  3. REGENERATE (local, regional, global) Regenerative agriculture, Ecological systems, Water, Biodiversity, Nutrients, Atmosphere, Forests, Oceans, Land/ soil

Key Resources

Yays and Nays of Joining the LPWG

  • Voices who’ve been historically excluded
  • Network and systems thinking 
  • Invitations to collaborate
  • Drop into a meeting, listen and learn
  • Selling and pitching
  • Direct fundraising 
  • Green washing
  • Self serving efforts