Clean Water is Good for Business Principles


Clean Water is Good for Business Principles

To join our efforts, endorse the Clean Water is Good For Business principles.

Dear Senators,

As a business leader, I stand with the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) and Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) to say clean water is good for business, and I believe:

  • Clean water is a national priority, and we need to place more emphasis on the importance of clean water to our economy, our environment, and our quality of life.
  • The intersectional nature of water problems requires a collaborative, regional approach to solve.
  • Public and private spending on water improvements is an economic necessity and must be prioritized when public health and infrastructure investments are made.
  • Adequate government resources must be provided to enforce existing protections so that law enforcement efforts can identify and prosecute illegal polluters.
  • The agriculture sector is a vital part of the U.S. economy and must be considered in crafting water policies. Agriculture must also share responsibility for clean water.
  • We must take steps to drive innovation and deployment of water efficiency technologies to address the nation’s water shortage issues.
  • Water quality data should be collected freely and shared easily between municipal, state, and federal government agencies and private entities.
  • Protecting water quality is a long-term effort that requires continued investment, monitoring, and evaluation. Only through consistent maintenance can we protect our water today and build a sustainable economy for the future.