Business Voter Resources


ASBN Takes Action on Voting

Voting is a cornerstone characteristic for a functioning democracy and preserving rule of law. In the United States, Americans voted in record numbers in the 2020 presidential election, as turnout rose in every state​. For a well-functioning and sustainable economy, businesses must support participation amongst its stakeholder groups in all democratic rights and responsibilities. Therefore, the American Sustainable Business Network is committed to increasing both registration and turnout for the upcoming elections. 

ASBN believes that voting is an indelible part of doing business in the United States along the following four reasons: 

  • Voting strengthens accountability in public policy and primacy of rule of law 
  • Voting strengthens legitimacy of American public and private institutions 
  • Voting strengthens an inclusive and equitable economy 
  • Voting strengthens a high road economy for all workers 

ASBN encourages all individuals, organizations and businesses register to vote using the following portals provided by our partnerships with Time to Vote and Power to Polls. Please take a moment to register and to share these sites with your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to ensure everyone has the ability to register.