Restorative Investing Task Force


Restorative Investing

Restorative Investing

The Restorative Investing Task Force is a group committed to overcome systemic racism through restorative access to capital. It seeks to share knowledge and learning to try to fill the gap between traditional philanthropy and market return seeking impact investing. It is fundamentally a way of deploying capital with and to marginalized communities to address justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI), particularly to address the racial wealth gap (i.e. not just capital to BIPOC but that and more). It is inspired by the work of Nwamaka Agbo’s vision of Restorative Economics and builds upon the work and ideas generated by Rodney Foxworth, Common Future, and acknowledges Alfa Demmellash’s contributions to Restorative Investing.

The goal of the Restorative Investing Task Force is to create a library of restorative / non-extractive case examples and to fund BIPOC Intermediaries, Funds and Entrepreneurs using restorative investing practices.

This is meant to be a starting point for gathering and sharing information.  We invite you to share this information with others and share your resources and restorative investing examples with us to include in this webpage.

 This taskforce has been spearheaded and co-led by 

Laina Greene, Cindy Willard and Babbie Jacobs 

All members of the Taskforce have agreed to the Shared Agreements