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The American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) works with its members to develop a vision and policy framework for a sustainable market-based economy. A truly sustainable economy requires the responsible stewardship of all types of capital—social, financial, intellectual, and natural. All of these must be tended to make the economy productive, resilient, competitive, and equitable for businesses and their communities. 

ASBN engages our broad network of business organizations, companies and investors through policy, advocacy, and government affairs (PAG) actions through three core portfolios: Inclusive Economy, Business for Democracy, and Climate, Energy, and Environment.  

Inclusive Economy 

ASBN is committed to addressing the systemic inequities in America’s economy and society and to hold policy makers accountable to the promise of equal justice and opportunity.   

Business for Democracy 

ASBN has long championed inclusivity and equity as enduring principles on which a healthy economy is founded. And a functioning free and fair democracy is an incomparable tool to achieving such a landscape. We believe bold changes must be made to protect American democracy, and businesses can lead the way.    

Climate, Energy, and Environment 

Climate change poses an existential threat to humanity, threatening financial security, our supply chains, modern infrastructure systems and the environment. ASBN believes that developing policy approaches that are championed by strong business representation and messaging is crucial in order to secure a positive and equitable climate future. 

Meet the Team 

ASBN’s Policy, Advocacy, and Government Affairs (PAG) team is actively pursuing opportunities to position businesses as partners in local government, on Capitol Hill and with U.S. federal agencies. Meet the team that is working towards shaping new policy alternatives and business practices that lead toward a more sustainable economy. 

To contact a member of ASBN’s PAG team, send an email to with the advocacy issue or staff name in the subject line. 

Michael Green 
Director of Policy and Advocacy
(Climate and Energy) 

Stephanie Erwin 
Director of Policy and Advocacy
(Circular Economy) 

Colton Fagundes 
Sr. Manager of Policy and Advocacy
(Regenerative Agriculture, Clean Water)

Eliana Blum, Abby Maxwell, Liza Lamanna, and Jessica Chen

Policy Interns

David Levine 
President and Cofounder 
(Inclusive Economy, BCCA, CCPI) 

Ali-Reza Vahabzadeh 
Executive Vice President of Membership
(Corporate Transparency, ESG Disclosure)

Shanti’ Holloway 
Director, Membership Success 


Public Policy & Calls to Action

Stand Up for Sustainable Investing & Corporate Climate Action

Deadline March 12, 2023 (Sign-On Period is closed)

To combat the false narrative around ESG circulating at the state and federal levels, ASBN is joining Ceres and We Mean Business to send a collective message from US-based companies and investors in this sign-on statement that climate change and other sustainability threats are material risks that should be considered in corporate and investor decision-making. It is good business practice. Plain and simple.