Inclusive Economy

The American Sustainable Business Network acknowledges the historic and systemic barriers to capital and opportunity for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian communities, women, and gender nonconforming as a significant barrier to our collective mission. ASBN is committed to address the systemic inequities in America’s economy and society and to hold policy makers accountable to the promise of equal justice and opportunity. It is clear that while we support all entrepreneurs, our work requires that we place an urgent and immediate focus on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). We understand that any abundance that is not, “abundance for all,” is not abundance, at all.

Equal protection under the law is not only a civil right, it is also what makes free and fair business possible. We know that our economy is more robust and more sustainable when increased and different people can participate and bring their entrepreneurial vision to life. In this moment, when our colleagues and allies are awakening to the critical need for this work, we must lead the field with integrity and accountability to the communities that we wish to serve as we build an equitable and sustainable economy.

ASBN recognizes that even as leaders in this work, we have a lot to learn. With clear intent and earnest effort, our leadership, staff, and members have established the right building blocks but need help to understand the depth of our task and the comprehensive implementation of JEDI based solutions into all decisions, planning, recruitment, programs, communications, etc. With that in mind, ASBN will engage and grow our community, and seek leaders in the field to ensure that our impact matches our vision.