Support the Green New Deal


Business for the Green New Deal

As responsible business leaders and investors in industries across  America, we support the Green New Deal.  By aligning with its brave vision and reality-based goals, American innovation can bring to scale long-overdue  economic, environmental, and social benefits. We  can  create  broad  opportunity, rebuild our deteriorated infrastructure, and combat the clear and present danger of climate change.  At its core, the  Green New Deal  offers a policy direction that will result in better business results for all stakeholders and a more vibrant and resilient economy. 

The Green New Deal focuses attention on modernizing America’s water, transportation and energy infrastructure.  This  work  presents inherent  opportunities for  growing our businesses, creating good jobs and taking effective action against environmental dangers that impede our business success. Business leaders and investors know  the best way to achieve  Green New Deal  goals is  with thoughtful public-private  partnerships.  We’ve done it before, with projects like  our interstate highway system, National Institutes of Health and the Internet. 

As business leaders and investors, we believe in the power of business to change the world. But today’s urgent challenges demand we scale solutions much faster than private industry can do alone. If government provides criteria and goal-oriented  incentives, the market will  respond, and business will create responsible, sustainable growth. That’s just how it works. 

Many innovative solutions already exist to meet Green New Deal goals – with even more in  the  works.  But scaling solutions takes both  smart investment and a well-structured market. If government supports the Green New Deal’s unifying, high-priority vision, it  can  bring business and other stakeholders together to achieve crucial goals. For example, a  bank  for infrastructure could have  lending criteria  that are both  market-based and  sustainable.  If we  reward companies for solutions that impose fewer externalized costs, they can be competitive and deliver environmental, social and economic benefits we need.

Economic growth is compatible with shared prosperity, social justice, environmental protection and regeneration.  In fact, they’re essential for  growth that is truly sustainable. To  modernize our infrastructure, restore economic opportunity, protect our home planet and regain our world leadership, the  vision and goals of the  Green New Deal  are a good place to start. America’s business community is depending on it.