Family and Medical Leave Act


Support the FAMILY Act

Dear Member of Congress:

On behalf of the 200,000 businesses, and 325,000 entrepreneurs, executives, managers and investors we represent, the American Sustainable Business Council urges you to support the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act. This common-sense program will help U.S. employers, who struggle with turnover and lost productivity as some of their biggest costs – typically 20 percent of an employee’s salary; many thousands of dollars.

Opponents claim this bill would be bad for business; but in fact, passing the FAMILY Act would let more businesses reduce turnover costs and level the playing field for responsible employers – and help make American families stronger and healthier. High-road employers know from experience that paid leave is key to higher employee morale and a reliably productive workplace.  The FAMILY Act brings high value at a very low cost to employers, as it is jointly funded by small contributions from both employers and employees of just two-tenths of 1% each (two cents per $10 in wages), or about $1.50 per week for a typical employee and never more than $4.50.

States that have already enacted paid leave have found the law both popular with voters and helpful to business. About 60 percent of California businesses reported cost savings by coordinating their benefits with the state program. Meanwhile, a poll in New Jersey found that, three years after the state’s paid family leave program took effect, more than 75% of voters viewed it favorably.

As business leaders, we know that providing paid family leave is good for business and we believe it is good for our country. Please help us all and support the FAMILY Act.


W.S. Badger Company

“We believe that supporting employees when they need to care for their health, or that of their family, is part of the role of business. Having a family and a career should never be mutually exclusive. The FAMILY Act provides job protection and income during times of need or crisis. In addition to the benefits it provides to their family, employees who have a reasonable work-life balance are happier, more engaged, and less likely to leave their job.”

– Emily Hall Warren, Director of Administration for W.S. Badger Company.