Call on Congress to Invest in Regenerative and Just Agriculture


Tell Congress to Support Regenerative Soil Health Practices

Last year, Congress nearly passed the Build Back Better Act (BBBA) with a historic $28 billion dollar expansion of the United States Department of Agriculture’s support of “climate-smart agriculture.” Unfortunately, that bill never made it across the finish line. Now negotiations are underway for a possible trimmed down legislative package that could include some of the climate-focused program funding from the BBBA.

Business and advocacy partners must call Congress to  pass the promised climate-smart agriculture funding that will help farmers sequester dioxide in their soils, build more resilient and prosperous farmers and rural communities, and produce healthy and nutritious food

To maximize the efficacy of potential new climate-smart agriculture funding, Congress can place “guardrails” on the programs to target underserved farmers and practices that regenerate soil and ecological health. Soil health practices are the same ones that will farmers to best fight climate change and build resilience, but without guardrails, funding could go towards projects like manure storage on destructive industrial animal feedlots. These guardrails would put the programs more in line with the principles of regenerative and just agriculture.

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