One Step Closer to Zero Waste


One Step Closer To Zero Waste

ONE STEP CLOSER TO ZERO WASTE PACKAGING is a campaign for action and inspiration to reduce and/or eliminate single use plastics in our products, packaging, and personal lives. It is clear that we need to raise awareness on the topic, and find ways to mobilize both industry stakeholders and consumers to join forces to combat plastic waste – in fact, in a study done by McKinsey, 60-70% of consumers would pay a premium for sustainable packaging and it’s estimated that a more circular economy could generate $4.5B in economic growth – meaning we have a unique opportunity to stimulate economic growth, turn waste into wealth, and differentiate our brands through the lens of sustainability.

The One Step Closer to Zero Waste campaign, runs January through February 2022 (leading into Expo West), and will include consumer call to actions, advocacy around policy on the topics of infrastructure, labeling and extended producer responsibility, and brand storytelling to share best practices and stories of progress from CPG brands around the globe. This way, we can raise awareness, celebrate industry progress, and mobilize policy momentum and community impact during this 8 week campaign.

Make a Packaging Commitment.

Take a big step on your packaging journey and commit to transitioning at least one material to a more sustainable option by the end of 2022. Fill out this form to log your commitment.