Draw Down Carbon through Regenerative Agriculture


A Unique Partnership for ASBC to Reverse Climate Change through Carbon Drawdown

We all know that reducing emissions is essential to making an impact on climate change. But sadly, if we reduce our emissions to zero, we’ll still be dealing with climate change for centuries due to the legacy carbon we have stored in the atmosphere. Drawing down that carbon is the “other half” of the solution. To raise awareness about this crucial focus, ASBC has partnered with The Carbon Underground’s program Adopt-A-Meter to engage the public and restore soil to boost the movement for drawdown.

Our members’ involvement can be the lever for change that makes this movement effective in reversing climate change. Businesses and organizations can partner with Adopt-A-Meter to launch and support soil restoration projects, share information with their networks, and launch their own programs with their customers, their members and their followers to adopt meters.