Investors Circle


Why Investors Circle?

Investors Circle has catalyzed the deployment over $275M into impactful early stage businesses since its inception in 1987. Each year IC members invest in dozens of innovative entrepreneurs who are working to solve major social and environmental problems. IC members collaborate with industry experts and thought leaders during our monthly meetings and ASBN Live events, and take action through working groups and policy action committees. Join us as we invest in a sustainable economy that is stakeholder-driven, just, and prosperous. 

Our Impact Investment Focus

The mission of Investors Circle is to pull together money, expertise and connections for the people creating a better economy: for our society and the environment, as a powerful, diverse and inclusive community. While we are sector agnostic when we invest, we are intentional about the type of impact we make with our collective capital.

Inclusive Economy 

An Inclusive economy is one where everyone can contribute and thrive with fair access to resources and opportunity. Investors Circle is committed to addressing and investing to change the systemic inequities in America’s economy and society.   

Climate Energy Environment 

Investors Circle invests in companies who are working to address climate change, environmental stewardship and energy stability. We invest in cleantech, agriculture, food systems and companies that reduce carbon emissions. IC invests through a JEDI lens (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) as climate change disproportionately impacts communities suffering from historic inequalities and disparities.