Membership Levels


Membership Levels

IC Member – $2,500 per year 

  • Must be an SEC-Accredited investor
  • Includes two membership seats
  • For experienced individuals with or without prior investing experience looking to add impact to their investment portfolio, provide advice and coaching to companies, or get involved in a company.
  • Access to Investors Circle investment opportunities 
  • Access to working groups

IC Community Member - Rates vary – please contact Jillian Gerstley to learn more. 

  • This level is for non-accredited individuals who would like the chance to learn about impact investing and have the opportunity to network with our members and sponsors.
  • IC community members can be students, future investors, or entrepreneurs. Please note that entrepreneurs will not be able to surpass Investors Circle’s regular screening process. 
  • Individuals may participate in sourcing deal flow, participating in pitch meetings, and assisting investors in due diligence. Community level members may not invest at this level.