Join the Circle

Investors Circle is a group of accredited investors changing the world by investing in companies with an explicit expectation of social, environmental and financial returns. We use our collective capital to create a global economy that is regenerative, just, and prosperous for everyone.

Investors Circle is made up of dedicated, collaborative, accredited investors, high net worth individuals, impact investing funds, foundations, family offices, and wealth advisors. The thread that holds our community together is the desire for impactful social and environmental returns on their investments, with varied risk expectations and tolerances on financial returns.

Who should Join?
  • Members should plan to invest in at least 2-3 deals per year.
  • Members should subscribe to the belief that mission-aligned investments are rewarding both fiscally and socially.
  • Members should bring their own expertise to the network in support of both fellow members & entrepreneurs.
  • Members must be accredited investors as defined by the SEC.
Investor Member Benefits
  • Participate in monthly investor only pitch meetings
  • Collaborate with experienced angels on due diligence     
  • Enjoy complete access to all of ASBN’s events and working groups & and save $500 on our annual in-person conference 
  • Networking and engaging with other angels, and partnering organizations on their investments
  • Coaching and advice on investments from other Investors Circle members and leadership
ASBN Membership Criteria
  • Members agree with, are actively working towards, and are supportive of ASBN’s mission and purpose statements.
  • Members agree to not work against or fund activities that are contrary to ASBN objectives. Any member at their own discretion may choose to support an ASBN campaign if they wish to do so.
  • Members are transparent on their corporate giving strategies, as it relates to lobbying and political campaign financing
  • Members must conduct themselves in a professional and collaborative manner when engaging with or representing ASBN. Members must treat each other with mutual respect, both on an individual and an organizational level. This extends to invited speakers, event attendees, funders, supporters, staff, event and venue staff, and guests. Members agree to uphold our community agreements:
  1. INTEGRITY: We act with integrity and honor our commitments;
  2. VALUES: We integrate our values into our daily work;
  3. RESPECT: We treat everyone with respect.;
  4. INCLUSION – We work together to create an inclusive, welcoming community.
  5. Member products and/or service claims are in alignment with the AG and FTC Green Marketing Guidelines