Apply to Present to Investors Circle

Investors Circle accepts applications on a rolling basis with these parameters:

  1. Must be a for-profit venture solving social and/or environmental issues and addressing gaps in renewable, regenerative and/or green markets
  2. Applicants must be able to speak about how they plan to make an impact, who their organization will impact, the depth or scale of the impact, and what metrics they will use to track their impact.
  3. We look for exceptional and diverse founding teams. Why are you uniquely suited to make your enterprise successful?
  4. Entrepreneurs must have a deep understanding of their market and their customers.
  5. We’re looking for well thought out and achievable financial plans.
  6. Applicants raising between $500k to $3M tend to gain the most traction with the IC community.
  7. Typically, IC investors prefer to see post-proof-of-concept ventures that have signed contracts, revenues, strategic partnerships, etc.

BIPOC, LGBTQ+, differently abled, and female founding teams are strongly encouraged to apply. IC is open to both equity and alternative deal structures such as debt or revenue based financing.

  • Apply to present at our national chapter meeting:  Investors Circle seeks applications for our national pitch meetings. Early-stage startups, community driven infinitives, and companies requiring business loans or working capital will be considered. 
  • Apply to present at our local Philadelphia chapter meeting:  Our local network  meetings take place in the Greater Philadelphia. If you are based in Philadelphia or have a significant operating presence there, you are encouraged to apply and specifically highlight your local impact. Early-stage startups, companies requiring business loans or working capital, mission-aligned funds, and impact real estate will be considered.
  • Apply for our Alternative Investment Showcase: There is a growing need for investors and entrepreneurs to rethink how investments are made. We are seeking innovative mission-aligned investment structures that do not depend on a quick exit. Tell us how you are making an impact and how your investment vehicle differs from the traditional VC toolkit. Submissions from early-stage startups, companies requiring business loans or working capital, mission-aligned funds,  impact real estate will be considered. Dream big. There is no limit on the type of submission we will review.  

*Think your project, company, or fund will change the world for the better but doesn’t quite meet our criteria? Email your deck to jillian@asbnetwork.com to be considered.

You only need to apply once to Investors Circle; your application will automatically be considered for as many pitch opportunities as possible.