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Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick Appalling

An article in The Hill quoted ASBC CEO David Levine on Trump’s nomination of Andy Puzder for Secretary of Labor.  Said Levine, “With Mr. Puzder’s nomination, Mr. Trump is choosing the wrong model for helping the working and middle classes — and businesses that depend on healthy consumer demand.”

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Environmentalists Outraged Over Trump’s EPA Pick

An article in Newsweek quoted the reactions from environmental organizations and prominent environmentalists to Pruitt’s appointment.  Said ASBC CEO David Levine, “This nomination also demonstrates a critical disregard for the impacts

ASBN in the News Michael Shear, Julie Hirshfield Davis, Maggie Haberman and Nick Corsanti

Trump Unveils High-Powered Business Council

The New York Times quoted David Brodwin, ASBC co-founder and CFO, raising concerns about Trump’s transition team. Said Brodwin, “Trump is doubling down on crony capitalists who don’t understand that a healthy economy requires a healthy planet and consumers with money in their pockets.”

ASBN in the News Larry Light

High-powered CEO Council Draws Scrutiny

An article in CBS News quoted ASBC co-founder David Brodwin about Trump’s CEO advisory committee to furnish guidance about economic growth. Said Brodwin, “Many of the multinationals represented on his new forum continue to lobby for tax cuts and deregulation that

ASBN in the News Jan Lee

Driving Diversity in a Trump-Led Era

An article in TriplePundit quoted MaryAnne Howland, CEO and Founder of Ibis Communications (an ASBC member), in support of greater access to capital for minority- and women-owned businesses.

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Judge Puts Overtime Pay for Millions in Limbo

An article in Common Dreams quoted David Levine, CEO and co-founder of the American Sustainable Business Council, mourned the halting of the overtime ruling, saying the opponents were “operating from short-sighted, out-moded thinking.”

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Sen. Inhofe Confident Trump Will Implement TSCA

David Levine, co-founder and CEO of ASBC, told ChemicalWatch if there were to be a dismantling of regulations, or an attempt made to limit the EPA’s effectiveness, that would have an impact on TSCA.

ASBN in the News Lauren Hepler

Small Business Backs New Climate Disaster Legislation

Richard Eidlin, VP of Policy and Campaigns for American Sustainable Business Council talks about why small businesses are supporting the  National Mitigation Investment Act bill currently in Congress. He also discusses why climate change is becoming a bipartisan issue in GreenBiz.

ASBN in the News Frank Knapp, Jr.

Small Business Entrepreneurship is on the Decline

Frank Knapp, president and CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce and co-chairman of ASBC, wrote an op-ed in the Florence Morning News in support of new economic policies to strengthen small businesses.

ASBN in the News Paul Stinson

Green Chemistry Missing From Amended Toxics Law

An article in Bloomberg BNA quoted ASBC CEO David Levine in support of chemical reform. Said Levine, “Transparency is the key frame that needs to be addressed, and it’s only partially covered by what we see presently in the Lautenberg bill to reform TSCA.”

ASBN in the News David Gelles

Selling Shampoo, Eye Cream and a Chemical Crackdown

An article in the New York Times quoted Bryan McGannon, ASBC policy director, in support of reforming federal laws overseeing personal care product ingredients.  Said McGannon, “Consumers are demanding cleaner and safer products, but we still have this law from almost 100 years ago.”

ASBN in the News Bruce Watson

Plastic Substitutes and Other Breakthroughs

An article in The Guardian quoted David Levine on the benefits of green chemistry.  Said Levine, “Green chemistry is providing an opportunity for a stronger economy and a healthier society.”

ASBN in the News Rebekah Marcarelli

Earth Friendly Products Achieves Sustainability Milestone

An article in the Grocery Headquarters quoted ASBC CEO David Levine on Earth Friendly Products’ high standards of sustainability.  Said Levine, “This company is leading the way on some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time—climate, water and waste.

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Democrats: We Need to Change the Party’s Business Narrative

Bryan McGannon, policy director of ASBC, was part of a panel discussing the direction in which the Democrats need to proceed in order to change a perception that the party is pro-regulation and anti-business. An article in the Philadelphia Business Journal quoted McGannon, “Business is not monolithic. Not every business is represented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or NFIB. It’s not solely about taxes.”

ASBN in the News Evan Lehmann

Are ‘Clean Tax Cuts’ The New Carbon Tax?

E&E news discusses the spirited debate at ASBC’s policy forum during the RNC about the best way to cut emissions. Supporters of a carbon tax tangled with Rod Richardson, president of the Grace Richardson Fund, who says “clean tax cuts” would be easier to pass with Republican help.

ASBN in the News Dave Felice

The Case For $12 by 2020

An article in Greater Park Hill News quoted Richard Eidlin, co-founder and vice president of policy and campaigns for ASBC in support of Colorado raising the state’s minimum wage. Said Eidlin, “A higher minimum wage in Colorado is a win-win. Workers benefit from having more disposable income. Businesses benefit from having more customers able to purchase their goods and services.”

ASBN in the News Jillian Berman

Should the Government Forgive Farmers’ Student Loans?

Matthew Dillon, the director of agricultural policy and programs at Clif Bar (an ASBC member), was quoted in MarketWatch urging Congress to add farmers to the list of workers entitled to student loan forgiveness after 10 years. Said Dillon, “Farming is a tough business. It’s a lot of risk and if

Op Ed

Graham Goes With the Wind
Source Author: Frank Knapp, Jr.

Frank Knapp, Jr., co-chair of ASBC and president & CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce wrote an op-ed in the Morning Consult supporting South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham ®’s pushing for clean energy solutions to climate change.

ASBN in the News Francesca Brindle

Green Business Supports BLM Methane Regulations

An article in Energy Global discussed how ASBC and Green America are encouraging BLM to further limit venting, flaring and leaks from natural gas production on federal and tribal lands.

Op Ed

Congress Must Shine Light on Anonymous Companies
Source Author: Frank Knapp, Jr.

Frank Knapp, Jr., co-chair of ASBC and president & CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce wrote an op-ed in the Augusta Free Press urging Congress to pass the bipartisan Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act (ITLEAA) — which requires all states to identify the beneficial owners of the companies they create.

Source Publication Date: April 21, 2016

Source URL: 

ASBN in the News Lydia Wheeler

House Small Business Chairman Pushes Senate to Take up Regulatory Bill

An article in The Hill quoted ASBC Co-chair Frank Knapp, Jr. in support of smart regulations. Said Knapp, “Some small businesses will find compliance with federal regulations difficult. The answer is not to throw the baby out with the bathwater and invalidate existing rules.

ASBN in the News Sean Reilly

Are U.S. EPA Regulations a Burden or Boon to Small Businesses?

An article in Environment & Energy News discussed ASBC Co-chair Frank Knapp, Jr.’s testimony in support of smart regulations at the Senate Environment and Public Works subcommittee hearing on April 12, 2016. (Please note: this article is behind a paywall)

ASBN in the News Barry Ritholtz

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Goes for the Extreme

An article in the Bloomberg View discussed the increasing dissatisfaction with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and how it is reflected in the growth of alternative business lobbying groups such as ASBC.

ASBN in the News Carolyn M. Brown

Business Leaders Call for Supreme Court Confirmation

An article in the Black Enterprise Magazine quoted a statement by David Levine, CEO of ASBC, and Frank Knapp Jr., co-chair of ASBC, urging Congress to hold hearings for Merrick Garland’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The statement in part said, “Hundreds of thousands of small business leaders believe that we must move beyond partisan politics.

ASBN in the News Eric Wolff

EPA’s Wingmen Get in Formation

An article in Politico discusses ASBC’s filing a friend of the court brief, also known as an “amicus brief,” in support of the national Clean Power Plan.

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Paid Family Leave: Imperfect but Necessary

An article in quoted David Levine, ASBC’s CEO and president, in support of paid family leave. Said Levine, “The American Sustainable Business Council along with members across the state of New York, proudly supports the paid leave bill.”

Op Ed

Invest in Women Business Ownership
Source Author: Claudia Viek

The Huffington Post published Claudia Viek’s, CEO of the California Association of Micro Enterprise Opportunity (an ASBC organizational member), blog about how it makes economic sense to invest in women business ownership in this country to boost household income and shore up the middle class.  The blog was originally posted on ASBC’s blog section.

ASBN in the News Samantha Page

What Now for States after SCOTUS’s Stay on the Clean Power Plan?

An article in ThinkProgress quoted ASBC co-chair Frank Knapp, Jr. in support of the Clean Power Plan. Said Knapp, “The Supreme Court didn’t negate any of what’s on the ground and what’s already moving. In the big scheme of things, it’s OK. We can survive this.”

Op Ed

Carbon Pricing and Climate Change
Source Author: Zach Bernstein

Zach Bernstein, ASBC’s research and social media manager, wrote a letter to the editor of The New York Times in support of the op-ed “Proof That a Price on Carbon Works.” Said Bernstein, “Done right, carbon pricing can be a boon not just for fighting climate change but for moving our economy into the 21st century.”

Op Ed

Carbon Pricing and Climate Change
Source Author: Zach Bernstein

Zach Bernstein, ASBC’s research and social media manager, wrote a letter to the editor of The New York Times in support of the op-ed “Proof That a Price on Carbon Works.” Said Bernstein, “Done right, carbon pricing can be a boon not just for fighting climate change but for moving our economy into the 21st century.”

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Flaw in the Fun

An article in the Bronx Free Press quoted ASBC President and CEO David Levine on banning toxins from children’s toys. Said Levine, “If we can take the lead out of gasoline, or the BPA out of baby bottles, then we could eliminate toxins in toys.”

ASBN in the News Don Davis

Obama’s Veto Doesn’t End Opposition to Clean Water Rule

An article in the Grand Forks Herald and quoted Richard Eidlin, ASBC’s co-founder & vice president of policy and campaigns, stating the importance of clean water. Said Eidlin, “The resolution to kill the Clean Water Rule would have

ASBN in the News Catherine Ho

Interest Groups Trying to Get Projects into SOTUS

An article in the Washington Post quoted Richard Eidlin, ASBC’s VP of policy and campaigns, regarding the upcoming State of the Union address.  Said Eidlin, “ASBC presented a short list of items we’d like him to talk about.

ASBN in the News Doug Alden

NH Companies Discusses Benefits of Family-friendly Policies

The Union Leader and the New Hampshire Business Review reported on an event that was co-sponsored by ASBC, the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy, the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation and the Center for American Progress to discuss the benefits of family-friendly policies and their impact in the workplace.

Op Ed

Businesses See Market Signal in Paris Agreement
Source Author: Richard Eidlin and Bob Keefe

Richard Eidlin, ASBC’s co-founder & vice president of policy and campaigns, and Bob Keefe, executive director of Environmental Entrepreneurs (an ASBC partner organization) wrote an op-ed in The Hill urging Congress to follow the example of the U.S. business community and support the historic Paris Climate agreement.

Source Publication Date: December 18, 2015

Source URL: 

ASBN in the News Paul Huttner

Corporations Pledging to Reduce Carbon Emissions

The MPR News Climate Cast radio show looked at corporations and what role they play in the reduction of carbon emissions. Several companies attended the Paris Climate Talks. Guests interviewed on the program were Eric Roston,

ASBN in the News Michael Walsh

Ban Ki-moon Urges Cooperation at COP21 in Paris.

Covering the talks at COP21 in Paris, Yahoo News quoted Richard Eidlin, ASBC’s VP of policy and campaigns, about business’ concerns over the effects of climate change. Said Eidlin, “From increased insurance costs and supply chain disruptions to the loss of entire companies due to extreme weather events, business is already feeling the cost of inaction on climate change.”

ASBN in the News Katherine Bagley

Corporate Giants Commit to Emissions Targets

An article in InsideClimate News cited ASBC and E2’s letter to Congress asking politicians not to interfere with international negotiations and to support U.S. climate action.

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Reps Introduce Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2015

North American Windpower quoted Fran Teplitz, executive co-director of Green America (an ASBC member), in support of Clean Energy Victory Bonds.  Said Teplitz, “Clean Energy Victory Bonds will be a huge boon to the growing clean energy and energy efficiency sectors. Investors and business need steady incentives in order to invest in the clean energy industry in the U.S.”

ASBN in the News Andy Colthorpe

Silicon Valley Congresswoman Proposes National CEVB

PV Tech quoted Richard Eidlin, ASBC’s VP of policy and campaigns, in support of Clean Energy Victory Bonds. Said Eidlin, “The market is speaking, and it’s speaking in favor of clean energy. As the world comes together in Paris to address climate change,

ASBN in the News Emily Chasan

Capitol Hill Takes Fresh Look at Profit Shifting

An article in the Wall Street Journal quoted Bryan McGannon, ASBC’s Director of Policy and Engagement, in reaction to the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee’s subcommittee hearings on tax policy.

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Massachusetts Takes Steps against Climate Change

An article in Wicked Local Littleton quotes Michael Green, executive director of CABA (an ASBC member), to make the business case for a carbon tax.  Said Green, “Businesses like the certainty, flexibility and sound economics of carbon pricing.”

ASBN in the News Christopher Doering

Senate Passes Ernst Water Resolution 53-44

An article in the Des Moines Register quoted Richard Eidlin, ASBC VP of Policy in support of the Clean Water Rule. Said Eidlin, “The Senate missed an opportunity today to defend clean water. They voted to throw clean water protections into jeopardy,

ASBN in the News Rupa Shenoy

Committee Hears Testimony on State Senate Bill to Price Carbon

An article in quotes ASBC board member Julie Fox Gorte making the business case for a price on carbon.  Said Gorte, “A carbon price would help give us a more certain landscape that we could plan on and make investments on the basis of.”

ASBN in the News Alexander C. Kaufman

One CEO’s Quote Sums Up Resilience Of Flooded S.C.

An article in the Huffington Post quoted ASBC’s vice chair and CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Frank Knapp, Jr. urging SC to rebuild its economy.  Said Knapp, “People need to get to work. We need to get the economy back up and moving again.”

ASBN in the News Karen Kissinger

People Need Clean Water

An article in the Daily Star Journal cited ASBC’s clean water polling results to make the business case for the EPA’s clean water rule.

ASBN in the News Lydia Wheeler

Pro Regs Biz Groups Hail Climate Rule

An article in The Hill cited ASBC’s Climate Change Preparedness and the Small Business Sector report to make the business case for clean energy rules.

ASBN in the News Jeremy Hobson

Two Sides Of The GMO Debate

Richard Eidlin, ASBC’s co-founder & vice president of policy and campaigns, presented the business case for GMO labeling in an interview on Here and Now, a show on Boston’s NPR news station WBUR. Here and Now reaches an estimated 3.6 million weekly listeners.

ASBN in the News Joanna Schroeder

Businesses Should Lead Way on Clean Power

Agwired quoted Richard Eidlin, ASBC’s VP of policy and campaigns, to make the business case for clean power.  Said Eidlin, “The Clean Power Plan will help states grow their economies and create jobs,” said ASBC’s Vice President of Policy Richard Eidlin.

ASBN in the News Julie Fahnestock

How Global Trade Agreements Undermine Sustainable Business

JustMeans interviewed ASBC Co-founder David Brodwin highlighting ASBC’s important work of making the business case against the Trans-Pacific Agreement, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the Trade in Services Agreement.

ASBN in the News Janet Donovan

Jessica Alba Lobbies The Hill

An article in The Georgetown Dish discussed Jessica Alba going to Washington, D.C. with a delegation of companies under the umbrella of the American Sustainable Business Council, to advocate for reform on chemical use in consumer products including the long awaited overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

ASBN in the News Rebecca Trager

Safer Substitutes Show Growth Potential

Royal Society of Chemistry cites findings from ASBC and GC3’s report, Making the Business & Economic Case for Safer Chemistry, to promote the economic case for sustainable chemistry and less-toxic formulations.

ASBN in the News Nelson D. Schwartz, Patricia Cohen and Katie Thomas

Business Leaders React to Defeat of Trade Bill

An article in The New York Times discussed business leaders’ reaction to yesterday’s House vote against TPP and quoted David Levine, CEO of ASBC. Said Levine, “The TPP would give multinational corporations unprecedented power to evade safeguards that protect consumers,

Op Ed

The Market for Safer Chemistry is Huge, and Congress Should Help
Source Author: Zach Bernstein

Zach Bernstein, ASBC’s Manager of Research and Social Media, wrote an op-ed in the discussing need for Congress to reform the TSCA bill in a way that clearly identifies unsafe chemicals, requires the EPA to take them off the market as quickly as possible and encourages the market to recognize the innovators that are providing safer alternatives.

Source Publication Date: June 11, 2015

Source URL: 

ASBN in the News Mike Knauf

Top Talent Wants More than Just a Job

An article in Biofuels Digest cites ASBC’s and GC3’s report Making the Business & Economic Case for Safer Chemistry to emphasize the need for a bio-based economy.

ASBN in the News Anastasios Papapostolou

Three Greek-Americans to Save the Planet

An article in featured Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, president and CEO of Earth Friendly Products and an ASBC board member.  Vlahakis-Hanks was praised for her highly effective leadership and influential voice in the green movement.

Op Ed

Culture vs. the Ethical Bank
Source Author: Vince Siciliano

Vince Siciliano, president and CEO of New Resource Bank (an ASBC member), wrote an op-ed in the TriplePundit supporting triple-bottom-line banks that align money with their values and adopt transparency principles to give public insight to how their money is being used.

ASBN in the News Eric Pianin

Corporate Tax Havens Stiff Taxpayers by $110B A Year

An article in The Fiscal Times discusses ASBC’s joint press conference with Sen. Bernie Saunders (I-VT) announcing the introduction of the Corporate Tax Dodging Prevention Act of 2015. The bill would prevent corporations from sheltering profits in the Cayman Islands and other tax havens to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

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Ohio Business Owner: Fracking Stifling Local Food Movement

Christine Hughes, of the Ohio Sustainable Business Council (an ASBC member organization), was quoted in a article making the business case for mandatory, enforceable national standards that will apply to both new and existing gas and oil development.

ASBN in the News Cheryl Heller

How to Get Big Without Getting Bad

An article in the Unreasonable Institute discusses how ASBC and its network of enlightened business leaders from every industry are working to create an environment in America where businesses that want to be sustainable can thrive.

ASBN in the News Michael Kramer

Why Care about Conflict Minerals? Customers and Investors Do.

An article in urges businesses to join ASBC as an alternative to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and the National Association of Manufacturers to ensure ethical and humane operational policies and procedures.

ASBN in the News Lydia Wheeler and Tim Devaney

Reg Relief Bill Faces Uncertain Path

An article in The Hill quotes Bryan McGannon, policy director of ASBC, pointing out the issues associated with the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act. Said McGannon, “Blocking, weakening or delaying critical standards and safeguards won’t help small and medium-sized businesses succeed.

ASBN in the News Mike Hower

10 Members of Congress Who Actually Get Sustainable Business

ASBC Policy Director, Bryan McGannon was quoted in about the need for open dialogue regarding climate change.  Said McGannon, “What we need to do now is find a way to make it safe for Republicans to say, yes, climate change is happening and we need to address it.”

Op Ed

It’s the Bad Business of Politics
Source Author: David Levine

David Levine, ASBC’s president and CEO, wrote an op-ed in the Muscatine Journal and the Palm Beach Post discussing why members of Congress must realize that their constituents — including small businesses — want them to get hidden and unrestricted money out of politics.