Sen. Inhofe Confident Trump Will Implement TSCA

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David Levine, co-founder and CEO of ASBC, told ChemicalWatch if there were to be a dismantling of regulations, or an attempt made to limit the EPA’s effectiveness, that would have an impact on TSCA.

But if that happens, said Mr Levine, you’ll see an uptick of work by states. And he pointed out that it was this very state-driven “patch-work” approach that drove the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and other industry groups to the negotiating table to reform TSCA in the first place.

“If the EPA is undermined in a way where it can’t proceed on chemical assessments, it does leave states the ability to step in and regulate chemicals, which would recreate what some companies and the ACC consider a problem.”

Source Publication Date: November 15, 2016

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