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Why Your Business Needs a Stable Democracy Autocracy’s Threat to Entrepreneurship


Join us for a discussion of why business owners should be very concerned about protecting our democracy from those who want to game ambiguous election laws or change those laws to subvert the results of popular elections. 

  • How important to small business is democracy.
  • Autocracy’s impact on access to capital, innovation, security of business ownership and other issues to be covered
  • Small business’s role in protecting democracy
  • Action steps


Mairin Macaluso is a Founding Member and Membership Advisor of the Leadership Now Project. Prior to joining Leadership Now, she led the Harvard Business School Association of Northern California as Executive Director and was a Senior Consulting Partner with a focus on the healthcare space.

Hanna Koizumi is a Senior Associate at the Leadership Now Project supporting political strategy.  She graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in public policy.  Hanna previously worked at on a nationwide digital campaign to register young people to vote.

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