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AREI strives to create vibrant and powerful cross-sector dialogue, commitments, collaborations and investments that foster climate change solutions at the speed and scale necessary to phase out fossil fuels, and usher in a rapid transition to a new, clean energy economy.

AREI programs showcase innovative solutions and visions developed by leading thinkers in clean technology, renewable energy and sustainability. AREI operates under the fundamental principles of five “E’s”— Energy, Environment, Economy, Education and Employment — and has five distinct programs:

  1. The annual AREDAY Summit, Expo and Film Festival in Aspen CO providing featuring world-renowned thought leaders on climate and energy solutions creating a road map to a renewable energy future.
  2. ACELI – the AREDAY Climate and Energy Literacy Initiative: connecting industry and community colleges to create jobs in clean technology sectors.
  3. RENEW Program – the retrofit of the built environment to a carbon neutral and carbon positive standard.
  4. Start-Up Green – a green innovation incubator fostering and mentoring clean tech start-up companies.
  5. Sustainability News and Entertainment – hosted by Diana Dehm “We are all in this together.”