Learn How a Ukrainian Impact Investor & NGO Collaborated to Support Humanitarian Efforts

Learn How a Ukrainian Impact Investor & NGO Collaborated to Support Humanitarian Efforts

View a dynamic conversation and live Q&A with Anastasia Dieieva, Executive Director of award winning Ukrainian NGO – CO 100% LIFE – along with CO 100% Life founder Dmytro Sherembei, Jessica Bleyzer of DAAR Charitable Foundation and Kyiv-based impact investor Igor Konstantinovsky. Hear first hand accounts from the first days of the invasion and the critical humanitarian efforts now underway.


Learning From Indigenous Leadership for Regenerative Economies

Learning From Indigenous Leadership for Regenerative Economies

Indigenous Peoples are at the frontlines of protecting the planet while also suffering the highest rates of environmental racism. In response, Indigenous peoples have also been at the forefront of innovative solutions for addressing social and environmental issues. In Alaska, where communities are experiencing the negative effects of climate change at a far higher rate than the lower 48 states, Native leaders are finding unique ways to address this crisis through business solutions.

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ASBN Team Profile: Shanti Holloway

Shanti Holloway was recently promoted to Senior Manager of Web and Digital Content at the American Sustainable Business Network, furthering a remarkable professional career, which is among the most varied of anyone at the organization.  Shanti has an extremely broad range of experience and describes herself as a techie, process manager, realtor, entrepreneur, and now add to that manager of ASBN’s Diversity & Equity Working Group.

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China’s Uighur forced labour presents serious challenges for investors

The urge in the West to look away and not interfere runs counter to ESG principles.

Social Venture Circle Member, Heather White, Producer/Co-Director of COMPLICIT, an award-winning documentary about hazardous work conditions and safety in the Chinese tech industry, argues:

“Global investors are facing an unprecedented situation with Uighur forced labor present in hundreds of factories throughout China in numerous sectors.

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Social Economy Europe Congratulates ASBN on Merger

Following the announcement of the merger between ASBC and SVC, Board Member Michael Peck and ASBN President David Levine were honored to receive the following congratulatory note from Victor Meseguer of Social Economy Europe. We look forward to our continued colleagues with Social Economy Europe.

On behalf of Social Economy Europe and of our President, Juan Antonio Pedreño, congratulations on this important and strategic merger. 

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Glasgow Moves the Needle on Climate Crisis and Creates Pathways for Ambition and Optimism

The final gavel struck on Saturday night in a large plenary hall marking the end of the COP26 negotiations. These negotiations will be remembered as an important step in addressing the climate crisis, however, last minute changes to the text tampered its effectiveness. Even with this new round of agreements and announcements, much more action is surely needed to get the world on a safe pathway towards a stable and just planet.  

Blog Mike Green, ASBC’s Climate and Energy Working Group Chair

Glasgow Agreement Text Released and a Surprise Announcement

During the high-level announcements earlier this week, COP 26 President Alok Sharma (UK) called for turning high-level rhetoric into action, urging a “change in gear” in the negotiations to reach an ambitious outcome. Several parts of a recently released draft text step up to the moment while there is still much to be finalized in the remaining hours here in Glasgow. 

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Week Two @COP 26 Progresses, Slowly but Surely

COP 26 is now well into its second week at the Scottish Event Campus on the River Clyde in downtown Glasgow. We have had surprisingly great weather outside of the COP, however, it is unclear if things are as sunny inside. It has been two years since delegates of the UNFCCC have met together and they are starting to feel the pressure to have something to show for the time off.  

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Obama and House Republicans Visit COP Negotiations in Glasgow

Monday marked the official launch of week two of the Negotiations here in Glasgow. Just like the first week of negotiations, week two also started with some special guests. It was announced over the weekend that President Obama would be making several speeches to delegates and negotiators at COP 26. While the former President brought a message of urgency and ambition, the climate talks were also joined by Congressman Crenshaw of Texas (more on that below).  

Blog By Maryanne Howland, Chair, American Sustainable Business Council, and Founder & CEO Ibis Communications & Global Diversity Leadership Exchange

America’s Hidden Need for Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

The 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF) is an opportunity to begin to turn a century old built environment into a new one with a bold vision for the next economy that empowers the future of innovation that we have not even yet dreamed of - one that includes a significant part of the US population that could be the inspiration for much of that innovation.