ASBN and OSC2 Move to Pass Break Free from Plastic Act    


ASBN will continue its partnership with One Step Closer to Zero Waste (OSC2) in order to collect signatures in support of the Break Free from Plastic Act. We are focusing on the Senate and the House, and the states of Washington, California, New York. Our sign-on letter will be sent to the legislators in each state, and to members of the Senate and House. On our campaign you are also able to make a packaging commitment to take personal action and change at least one plastic material to a more sustainable one in 2022. Sign-on for the initiative to Break Free from Plastic, and make a packaging commitment here. Be a part of the change to a more sustainable and just economy by urging the House and Senate legislators in your state to pass the Break Free from Plastic Bill Act. In order to be a part of the change visit our site for more information and to participate. 


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