Members must identify as one of the following: 

  1. Business (all enterprises), Organization, Association, Non-profit, a Fund, or a Foundation
  2. Sole Proprietor
  3. Full Time Student

To remain in good standing as an ASBN member, you must agree to the following code of conduct:

  • Pay your annual membership dues at the designated level
  • Agree to uphold our community agreements:
  1.  INTEGRITY: We act with integrity and honor our commitments.
  2.  VALUES: We integrate our values into our daily work.
  3.  RESPECT: We treat everyone with respect.
  4.  INCLUSION – We work together to create an inclusive, welcoming community.
  • Agree to not work against or fund activities that are contrary to ASBN policy objectives.
  • Must conduct themselves in a professional and collaborative manner when engaging with or representing ASBN. This extends to invited speakers, event attendees, funders, supporters, staff, event and venue staff, and guests.

A violation of any one or more of the above is grounds for termination

“As a corporate member of ASBN, we have a louder voice on issues that really matter to us. ASBN helps us build the kind of future we envision for our employees, our business partners, and the world at large.”

- Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness