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EarthKind creates naturally effective products guaranteed to keep pests out without killing them, poisoning them, or causing harm to our delicate ecosystem. 80% of ingredients are grown on US regenerative farms; 20% of assembly team are handi-capable; NC based manufacturing is carbon neutral.

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Hugo Neu

Hugo Neu’s mission is to link purpose, prosperity, fairness, and resilience by driving smart and equitable social, economic, and environmental improvements that benefit healthier jobs, businesses, communities, and ecosystems.

Hugo Neu accomplishes this through our businesses, investments, philanthropies, partnerships, practices, and talented workforce—as demonstrated by our flagship, state-of-the-art business park and 21st century resiliency model, Kearny Point.

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In 1973, MegaFood was born from an unwavering commitment to produce the highest quality supplements available.

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Mueller Law

Mueller Law – Mueller Law is a plaintiff’s firm led by Mark Mueller and headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Atlanta, New Jersey, and New York. Mueller Law focuses on cases representing whistleblowers helping to recover taxpayer money lost through fraudulent reimbursement schemes, as well as catastrophic injury cases as they relate to negligence, defective products, and environmental damage.

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Nature’s Logic

Nature’s Logic is the first and leading 100% natural pet food with NO synthetic vitamins. A Pet Sustainability Coalition top-20 brand for sustainability, Nature’s Logic buys 1 KWh of renewable energy for every pound of food sold, and  offers the industry’s first Certified Plastic Neutral products.