Restorative Capital Innovators- Investing in Inclusive Economies


This webinar presented by the American Sustainable Business Network’s Restorative Investing Task Force will focus on those building housing solutions for Inclusive Economies in marginalized communities.

The session will be opened by Laina Greene, CEO of Angels of Impact and chaired by Derek Peebles, Director of Policy at ASBN. Speakers include: Najaah Daniels, CEO of Inclusive Capital Collective and Erika Williams, Senior Vice President, RSF Social Finance.. Derek will open by sharing about the Inclusive Economics initiative at ASBN and how the Task Force fits into this effort. Najaah will share the work of the ICC and offer some innovative financial instruments being innovated in its network.. Erika will share about the Crenshaw project as one of its investors.

At the end of this session, we will head to a separate Zoom break-out room for a deeper discussion post the panel.


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The aim of the Restorative Investing Task Force is to encourage the shifting of wealth and power back into marginalized communities by learning from those on the ground doing the hard work. For our March webinar, We do this by offering opportunities for others to join in new forms of Restorative Investing Capital Innovators are creating and ensuring peer learning on how best to address the racial wealth gap in the United States.

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