Making the Business Case for Regenerative and Just Agriculture in the 2023 Farm Bill


Join ASBN September 14 at 1pm ET for this timely webinar on the business case for regenerative and just agriculture in the 2023 Farm Bill.

Passed every five years, the farm bill is one of the main opportunities for stakeholders to engage in the federal policies that shape our food and agricultural system. This system, and the policies that have supported it, have contributed to the climate crisis, weakened supply chains, diminished biodiversity, concentrated farm ownership into increasingly fewer hands, hollowed-out local and rural economies, allowed discrimination to be left unaddressed, and left millions of Americans without access to healthy food. Making progress towards regenerative, inclusive, and just agriculture in the 2023 Farm Bill will be vital for reversing these crises and building a better economic system that works for all.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  1. An high-level overview of the farm bill and why its important
  2. The potential to advance regenerative agriculture in the Farm Bill
  3. The potential to advance more just and equitable agriculture and food systems in the Farm Bill
  4. Why should businesses care? What is the Business Case for regenerative and just agriculture and food systems?
  5. Call to action – sign-on to Regenerative Agriculture and Justice 2023 Farm Bill priorities

We ask for your zip/postal code to provide more opportunities for you to participate in creating a just and sustainable economy.