Wiley Rhodes
CEO, One Step In Foundation and Newpoint Gas, LLC.

  • CEO//founder of the Newpoint companies including Newpoint Gas, LLC, a net zero emissions at source energy engineering company specializing in designing efficient gas processing facilities including a full range of modular gas processing and treating units. Previous experience with cryogenic gas processing facilities and technologies.
    • Newpoint Gas, LLC converts retired coal-fired power plants (CFPP) to use blue/green hydrogen as fuel with three precedent-setting results. In upcycling the retired generation station, Newpoint can achieve: (1) net zero carbon dispatchable power; (2) provide employment opportunities in cutting edge hydrogen energy technology to the CFPP’s displaced workforce; and (3) include the ability to supply commercial scale clean-fresh water, which is produced during hydrogen combustion in power generation.
  • Co-founder eH2Power – Located in McKinley County, New Mexico, developing the world’s first coal to hydrogen power generation facility. This large-scale project generates 216 MW of zero carbon emission power and protects the jobs of 110 displaced coal workers.
  • With his background both in international and domestic energy business, Wiley has pioneered advocating for advanced blue hydrogen power as a solution to remove emissions at source from fossil fuel generation & production. Wiley has authored several published professional papers including, “Electrifying Oil and Gas to Power the World” and “Every Last Drop” and “Blue Hydrogen – Power and Water Production”, on generating technology and policy solutions for a greener energy industrial future.
  • Wiley serves on the boards of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) based in Washington DC, and the American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI) based in Aspen, Colorado.