Liza Lamanna
Manager of Regenerative Agriculture and Clean Water

Liza Lamanna

Liza LaManna is a dynamic leader with a strong background in sustainability and environmental advocacy. Currently serving as the Manager of Regenerative Agriculture and Clean Water at the American Sustainable Business Network in Washington, DC, Liza spearheads initiatives advocating for the business perspectives in clean water and regenerative agriculture policies.

With a keen eye for policy development, Liza has contributed to various campaigns, including “Clean Water is Good for Business” and “Regenerative Agriculture and Justice”, which she now leads, as well as “Climate and Energy”.

Her dedication to research and advocacy is evident in her forthcoming publications, “Hemp Markets & Agrarian Justice Post-2018 Farm Bill” and “The Business Case for Reduced Agriculture Chemical Inputs”.

Liza brings a unique perspective to policy work, drawing from her experience as an Environmental Engineering Technician at Henrico County Public Works and her research roles at The Earley Lab and the Candlewood Lake Authority. Holding a Master’s degree in International Affairs from American University and another in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development from the University for Peace, Liza combines her academic knowledge with hands-on experience to drive positive change in environmental sustainability.