David MacLean
Executive Director


I am the Founder and President of McMac Cx (www.mcmaccx.com), a for-profit, community facing, social enterprise that facilitates the creation of Just and Prosperous Futures through better built buildings and community infrastructures. Working with Partners from around the globe, McMac Cx aggregates advanced Social Tech allowing the immediate implementation of sustainable betterments that create positive social and environmental change economically allowing everyone access to live, learn, work, and play in places that are safe, healthy, efficient, and prosperous.

As a founding Board Member of the Texas Chapter of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and Past Chair of the USGBC Texas Gulf Coast Region, I am committed to improving lives by advocating locally and Statewide for better building and community code adoption and enforcement. I created the USGBC Texas – Best Practices Committee as a platform for connection between those traditional building and community “Creators” and the “Inhabitants” to work together.

As Chair and founder of the ASHRAE Houston – Commissioning Committee I educate industry professionals and code officials about the health and prosperity benefits community and building inhabitants gain by proper enforcement of mandatory code requirement.

In an effort to empower both building and community Creators and Inhabitants, our Air Champions – Social Change Scientist initiative launched on Earth Day 2020. Full scholarships to teachers, students, non-profits and community activists arm them with the ability to crowd source hyper local data that is being used to apply pressure on community and business leaders to correct poor air quality performance in our schools, offices and communities.

Director Commercial & Residential Deployment – ClearValue (www.clearvalue.com)

In addition to being the President of McMac Cx, I am also the Director of ClearValue’s Commercial & Residential Deployment initiative (www.clearvalue.com). My clients are attracted to sustainable and resilient zero-emissions onsite power generation opportunities that can be customized to utilize current infrastructure or off grid feedstocks, with by-products that include community heating and cooling, potable water, pharmaceutical grade organic nutrients and oxygen.