Anayana White
Lead Communications Contractor


Anayana White (Ahn-I-ya-nuh) joined ASBN as the lead communications contractor April of 2024. As a collaborative communications strategist and content creator with 15+ years experience, Anayana is dedicated to strengthening networks’ and organizations’ abilities to reach the right audiences for successful campaigns, launches and movements for an equitable transition to the next economy.

An eco-feminist, she is passionate about the empowerment of women and Indigenous Peoples, the revitalization and respectful sharing of sacred ways, sustainable educational land stewardship, and regenerative agriculture and seed saving practices.

A graduate of the Regenerative Design Institute’s Ecology of Leadership program, and alumni of the Next Economy MBA from Lift Economy, she actively works to support the emergence of a bio-culturally sustainable world.

When not working, you can find Anayana in the garden, with her family hiking in Kachemak Bay, Alaska/ Mt. Tamalpais, Mill Valley, CA, or singing soprano opera and art songs with her husband, a tenor.