COVID-19 Relief Set to Expire, Extending Relief Remains Crucial
December 4, 2020


Relief from the CARES Act is running out for families and small businesses. According to Yelp’s Economic Impact Report, 97,966 businesses in the US have closed permanently. Sixty percent of closed businesses will never reopen. 

ASBC and the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) strongly urge Congress to pass a fourth COVID relief package which includes the following provisions: 

►  Provide direct financial support to small and mid-size businesses, especially those owned by or serving black, indigenous, and other people of color communities;

►  Re-establish additional federal unemployment insurance benefits;

►  Provide funding to protect public health and support our health care infrastructure and front-line workers;

►  Support state and local governments in addressing budget shortfalls;

►  Extend the deadline on temporary paid family and sick leave adopted in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

ASBC and AMIBA will continue to support efforts for Congress to pass a fourth COVID relief package to help small and mid-size businesses and American workers. To make your voice heard, join our sign-on letter to send to your legislators!