Business Support for Washington youth in their Fight for Climate Recovery


We are writing to ask you to sign onto a business amicus brief  in support of Washington youth in their fight for climate recovery.

 Over the past few years we have seen an emergence of youth-led movements to demand that government officials take action on climate change. In 2015, a lawsuit was filed by 21 youths in the state of Oregon known as Juliana et al. v. United States of America et al., in which the plaintiffs argued that the government’s support of the fossil fuel industry has put the lives of the youngest generation at risk. ASBC and other companies have signed on to a business amicus brief in this case.

A similar case, Piper, et al v. State of Washington, et al., is currently being fought in the state of Washington. If they win, a court order will be issued requiring the state to develop a Climate Recovery Plan based on current science. This kind of accountability is crucial in ensuring a safer world for our current and future generations. 

We are urging businesses located and doing business in Washington to sign an amicus curiae brief that is being drafted by the Seattle University Environmental Law Society. This document will offer the Court additional legal arguments addressing the relationship between climate change, business and public health.