Babbie Jacobs
Proclamation and Award


Whereas Babbie Jacobs has served with distinction as a sustainable business and impact investing movement leader and practitioner for decades.

Whereas Babbie Jacobs has transformed the American Sustainable Business Network’s and prior to that Social Venture Circle’s innovative industry acclaimed, practitioner-led, impact investing working groups, task forces, and flagship programming offered through Investors Circle.

Whereas the American Sustainable Business Network is the preeminent movement builder in partnership with the sustainable business and investor community; developing and advocating solutions for policymakers, business leaders, and investors that support an equitable, regenerative, and just economy that benefits all—people and planet.

Whereas Babbie Jacobs spearheaded and guided ASBN’s re-imagined programming throughout the past three years, leading to a mission- and impact-first orientation that ensured an entrepreneur- and place-based focus on ASBN’s capital deployment efforts with an emphasis on predominantly overlooked, under-resourced, and underestimated communities across the United States.

Now therefore the American Sustainable Business Network hereby congratulates Babbie Jacobs on her transformative and herculean efforts as a practitioner and leader throughout the impact investing movement and, By Proclamation;

On this the 2nd day of December, 2022;

ASBN proudly awards Babbie Jacobs the American Sustainable Business Network’s Founder’s Award for Visionary Impact Investing Leadership & Lifetime Achievement;

Presented by Co-Founder & CEO, Jeffrey Hollender, the Founder’s Award for Visionary Impact Investing Leadership & Lifetime Achievement recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions towards creating a more just and sustainable economy that is stakeholder-driven, regenerative, just, and prosperous for all.

Jeffrey Hollender
Co-Founder & CEO