ASBN-BizNGO Safer Chemicals Public Policy Working Group


This working group will focus  on public policy initiatives at the state and federal level. The ASBN-BizNGO Safer Chemicals Public Policy Work Group features in-depth analyses by policy experts, monitors federal and state chemical policy initiatives, and engages in and comments on initiatives where we have expertise. The frame for our engagements is the four Principles for Safer Chemicals: 1) know and disclose; 2) assess and avoid hazards; 3) commit to continuous improvement; and 4) support public policy initiatives and standards that advance the first three principles. We approach policy initiatives in a non-partisan, balanced, objective, and technical manner.

Participants in the Public Policy Work Group are businesses and NGOs interested in policy engagements. Note we invite government representatives to present on calls, but given that we comment on government policies, government representatives are not part of the Public Policy Work Group listserv.

Chemical Policies being discussed:

  • Transparency initiatives: a) engaging in details important to transparency policies; b) tracking and engaging in initiatives as appropriate; and c) state initiatives, including: fragrances, flavorings, beauty & personal care ingredients and the Accurate Labels Act
  • PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) Policy initiatives
  • California, including implementation of Safer Consumer Product Regulation implementation
  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) / Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act implementation
  • US EPA Safer Choice Program
  • Federal: Cosmetics Bills
  • Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative
  • Plastics & Sustainable Packaging

To become involved, please contact Ali-Reza Vahabzadeh, ASBN Vice President of Membership.