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Making the Business Case

These reports contain clear and compelling business and economic benefits exist for our policy positions. In fact, most of our policy positions include ones that have been painted by others as bad for business. These documents can be used to help educate policymakers and others about how policies based on sustainable principles can be good for all stakeholders, including the planet.

The Business Case for Carbon Labeling
The Business Case for Carbon Pricing
Business case for EPA action on climate change
Green Bonds Business Case 
Business case for Methane Emissions Regulation



ASBC regularly conducts polling of small business owners nationwide. In recent years polling has covered several policy areas:

Energy and Environmental Policy Reform

Most small business owners across party lines support safer, cleaner, more efficient and renewable energy. They support rules to reduce carbon emissions from power plants and oppose continued subsidies to oil, gas and coal industries. Read the complete polling report.


White Papers

ASBC has released several reports which take an in-depth look into important sustainability issues:

Rethinking Fracking

While shale development is vital to current U.S. energy policy, a 2015 report found a number of ill effects associated with hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking). These include stressed local water supplies, health risks from toxic chemicals and emissions, and increased methane emissions that contribute to climate change—which itself poses a number of challenges to businesses. Read or download the complete report.

Municipal Primer on Climate Investing

Municipalities have many opportunities to promote ambitious action and policies to help to avoid a climate crisis. One major opportunity is the use of pension funds and investments to advance clean energy investment and fossil fuel divestment. This report lays out options for city and pension fund managers to use their power as investors to accelerate the clean energy transition. Read or download the complete report.


Advocacy Guide

Step Up, Speak Out, Impact Climate Policy

Businesses play critical and positive roles in our society and must step up to address one of the most significant challenges we face: climate change. Economists and leading scientists worldwide, including the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and U.S. National Climate Assessment, have issued recent reports demonstrating that immediate action is needed. Increasingly, understanding the impact of climate on their operations, more and more businesses are taking action to move towards greater efficiencies, including use of renewable energy sources. But there’s more to be done: we need legislators to enact solid climate policy. Business leaders can and must be a part of this effort. Download the report.