If you are a business, social enterprise or investor we invite you to become a BCCA member!


**The criteria to join include:

  • You need to be a business, social enterprise, investor  
  • Members agree with, are actively working towards, and are supportive of BCCA’s mission and principles
  • Members agree to not work against or fund activities that are contrary to our policy objectives. Any member at their own discretion may choose to actively engage in any campaign
  • Members must conduct themselves in a professional and collaborative manner when engaging with or representing BCCA.
  • Members must treat each other with mutual respect and justice both on an individual and an organizational level.
  • Members agree to uphold our community agreements: 1) INTEGRITY: We act with integrity and honor our commitments.; 2) VALUES: We integrate our values into our daily work.; 3) RESPECT: We treat everyone with respect.; 4) INCLUSION – We work together to create an inclusive, welcoming community.