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Introduction to PACTPA Investor Letter

Please join the American Sustainable Business Network and collaborating investor coalitions, to support the Protect America’s Children from Toxic Pesticides Act (PACTPA). Substantial scientific evidence indicates that the incidence rate of childhood cancers is increasing, farmworkers and their families are suffering from higher rates of injuries and illnesses, and pollinator species are at increasing risk of extinction, all due in part to the use of harmful pesticides. PACTPA would significantly strengthen current regulations, create incentives to transition away from toxic pesticide use, protect the health of communities, and reduce public health care costs.

As shareholders and fiduciaries, we recognize the material risks posed by the impacts of pesticides on human health and children’s health most profoundly, biodiversity loss, and environmental health. PACTPA would address these risks by increasing ingredient transparency, strengthening evaluation processes, and transitioning the industry to less-toxic formulations.

We encourage investors to join us in contacting House and Senate representatives and letting them know that passing PACTPA is good for both protecting human health and building long- term financial growth.

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Please note that this investor letter will be public. For now, investor signatories will be kept confidential, however, there is a possibility that the signatory list may be made public in the future, all signatories will be notified in advance. Individual investor assets under management will be kept confidential and only used for aggregate purposes.