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SVC accepts applications on a rolling basis year round with these parameters


Venture Criteria:

  1. Early-stage, for-profit ventures solving social and/or environmental issues
  2. Companies with headquarters and/or significant operating presence and impact in one of our local networks: New York Area, Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina, New England, and Bay Area. We are currently accepting applications outside of these markets as our investor networks operate virtually.
  3. Raising between $200k to $3M
  4. Have gone to market and achieved some degree of traction
  5. Post-proof-of-concept, demonstrated by contracts, revenues, strategic partnerships, etc.
  6. Planning to scale and pursuing an appropriate exit strategy

We continuously seek applications for Local Network pitch meetings in the NY Metro area, Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina, New England and Bay Area. If you are based in one of these geographies or have a significant operating presence there, you are encouraged to apply to be considered for local pitch meetings in these geographies. Companies not based in these states should inquire here about the possibility to pitch to our members. We will post additional national and virtual pitch opportunities as they arise. 

You only need to apply once; your application will automatically be considered for as many pitch opportunities as possible.

The fee to apply is $25.

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