High Road Employers for the Pro Act


The Protect the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act) is the premier legislative pathway to reviving America’s stagnating middle class, creating an economy that works for all where business and the entire community thrive. It is a pathway to creating economic equity in local communities throughout America, in every zip code, contributing to a national GNP that is still 70% consumer-based. Studies show that the world’s best performing economies have high union membership and a high level of cooperation between labor and business. It makes sense for businesses to support the PRO Act.   

“There’s been considerable discussion about the moral case for higher wages, but there is a strong business case as well, since high wages have the potential to increase productivity and ultimately profits. In the transition to the new economic normal after the pandemic, doing what’s right may also be what’s best for the bottom line.”(2)

  • The Pro Act gives high road employers an opportunity to level the playing field with competitors who exploit, diminish and deprive their employees of basic rights in the workplace. While enhancing a culture for a broad-based ecosystem accelerating shared high-road principles and practices that are more stable, inclusive, equitable, democratic and competitive.
  • When employers and employees work together, there is a clear business advantage resulting in lower training costs and a more experienced workforce.  Business benefits when workers who have a voice and vote are better trained, exhibit higher morale and retain at higher and longer rates and are more resilient, putting the country on a path to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

In addition, Statistics show when labor and management work together, they raise productivity by 16% in hospitals, between 19 and 24% in manufacturing, and between 17 and 38% in the construction sector.(1)

  • These are basic, productivity and fair worker protections that all high-road workplace employers should want to embrace. A safe, healthy, fulfilled, inclusive, informed workforce which values family supporting wages and benefits is business’s indispensable competitive asset
  • In 2019, the Business Roundtable, a group of 181 CEOs from major American corporations, endorsed “stakeholder capitalism,” writing that their companies exist to “benefit all stakeholders — customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders.”

Join American Income Life and ASBN and be a part of creating America’s competitive and equitable stakeholder economy
by signing on in support of the Pro Act!

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  2. January 21, 2021 by Ray Fisman and Michael Luca published in the Wall Street journal