Clean Energy Victory Bonds


With the US and countries around the world experiencing their hottest years on record and growing natural disasters causing billions of dollars of damage in the US alone, support among the American public for a transition to renewable energy technologies is strong. Eighty percent of Americans support a move to solar and wind, and over two-thirds of the public calling on the US Government to do more. The cost of solar and wind power decreased dramatically in the past two decades, providing the opportunity to scale these technologies up to meet 100 percent of US electricity by 2035. Now, the US needs to increase investment in solar and wind to meet the ambitious timelines for adoption that will help keep global temperature increases under two degrees Celsius. Clean Energy Victory bonds would provide a way for all Americans to safely invest in and benefit from this transition, which works to create an investment vehicle that allows Americans to invest in one of the fastest growing sectors in the global economy, as well as a means to collectively provide a secure and sustainable energy future, create jobs, and regain our competitive advantage in clean energy technology. 

American Sustainable Business Council in partnership with Green America are working with various Congressional offices currently to ensure re-introduction of the Clean Energy Victory Bond bills in the House and Senate and will offer our sustainable business community opportunities to engage soon.