Election Integrity


While we continue to address national and global challenges and embrace transformative change as a sustainable business community, ASBC recognizes the importance of the upcoming and pivotal 2020 election. A potential referendum on many of the issues that we as a community stand for, the 2020 election faces unprecedented challenges to turnout and access as a result of the covid-19 pandemic and the closure of polling places.

Full participation in democratic processes is essential to establishing fair and just rules that govern the marketplace, protecting all stakeholders, and promoting an economic system that works for all.
To that end, ASBC would like to elevate any initiatives you have related to the 2020 election in your state using our channels and platform. If you are currently working to promote voter registration and turnout, vote by mail, time off to vote or other efforts , please send us information about your campaign so we can bring greater attention to these effort.