Introducing a Family-friendly High Road Workplace Benefit


Every company suffers real costs from the chain reaction of disruption, uncertainty and lowered productivity caused when employees get sick.

As socially responsible leaders, our values recognize the urgency of employees’ health – but solutions are complex, and the cost of traditional health insurance is just too darn high. 

CapstoneCareTM Enhanced Telemedicine is an “out of the box” solution that:

  • Brings relief to employees’ struggles with the hassles, co-pays and deductibles of of routine health care
  • Reduces the drain on a company’s bottom line when employees get sick

The program stands alone as an inexpensive health benefits program that covers the top 75% of the reasons people see a doctor and provides behavioral and mental health counseling to treat depression, anxiety, stress and the root causes of substance abuse.

Therapy via Telehealth improves productivity
“Workers who received Telehealth counseling for depression were more likely to keep their jobs, improved their productivity by 2.6 hours weekly, and saved companies $1,800 a year.”

– Harvard Medical School


CapstoneCare Enhanced Telemedicine saves employees and their families significant time, money and hassle. They can talk with a doctor any time they want without waiting for an appointment, traveling, losing time or missing work. Plus, there are no-co-pays or deductibles.

Unlike most telemedicine programs, which charge for each doctor session (an average of over $40), this enhanced telemedicine solution provides unlimited access and added benefits for only $14.95/month ($5 more for a family):

  • UNLIMITED 24/7/365 access to MDs and mental health counselors
  • Covers three-quarters of the reasons people go to a doctor
  • Message an MD for medical questions or 2nd opinions on test results & X-rays
  • NO additional doctor fees per session
  • Discounted prescription drug

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CapstoneCareTM  improves businesses’ bottom line by reducing hidden expenses related
to employees’ health issues:

The benefits to companies include reduced scheduling hassles, increased productivity, lowered absenteeism and minimized presenteeism, as a result of offering this high-efficiency, yet low-cost health care delivery system to their employees.

While CapstoneCare is not traditional health insurance, it brings value to companies that do not offer health coverage. It can also serve as a supplementary program for businesses that already offer major medical health plans to their employees.  The high out-of-pocket cost of deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance associated with these traditional plans prevent many employees from seeing a doctor when they get sick, with cascading ill effects on the business. 

By offering convenient 24/7 access to MDs and Mental Health Counselors, CapstoneCare makes it much easier for employees to get well and stay well, thereby increasing productivity. 

CapstoneCare™ is customized to your business and employees, set-up is quick and easy.  And CapstoneCare handles program administration so you can focus on running your business.

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