Sustainable Business Leaders Celebrate Latest Accomplishment for Clean Air Standards with EPA Finalization of Light-Duty Vehicle Rule

Media Release

Washington, DC – Today, we are another step closer to providing Solutions for Pollution that protect the public from air and climate pollution with  the Environmental Protection Agency’s  (EPA) finalization of new light-duty vehicle tailpipe pollution standards. The American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) is pleased that the EPA and the Biden administration are continuing their work to cut pollution from the transportation sector – which accounts for 29% of climate pollution produced in the United States.  This new clean car standard is vital to our progress in cutting pollution, cleaning up our air, and supporting the transition to a clean energy economy. 

With today’s adoption of final Cleaner Cars Standards, the EPA and the Biden administration are providing another Solution for Pollution that will protect Americans across the country from the most catastrophic impacts of climate change, as well as the health impacts of tailpipe pollution — particularly those living or working near highways and transportation hubs, where this toxic pollution is concentrated. President Biden’s and EPA’s new Clean Car standards will eliminate 7.3 billion metric tons of climate pollution, the equivalent of eliminating all tailpipe pollution for four years.

 “The transition to zero pollution vehicles is expected to spur what would eventually prevent 89,000 premature deaths, 2.2 million asthma attacks, and 10.7 million lost work days”, said ASBN Senior Advisor on Climate and Energy, Michael Green. “This regulation is made possible by the historic climate investments in the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which have increased the ability of US manufacturing to make investments and improvements in clean energy technology. We applaud the EPA for issuing the strongest standards ever to cut air and climate pollution from the transportation sector.”

Mia Woodard, ASBN VP of Policy and Government Affairs,