Sustainable Business Leaders Applaud New EPA Rules Cutting Climate Pollutants from Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plants

Media Release

Washington D.C. -The American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN) applauds the final rules announced today by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cut carbon pollution and regulate power plants. Today’s announcement of a package of standards to slash carbon, coal ash, mercury, wastewater, and other toxic power plant pollution is a great moment for our climate, clean air, and the communities left to struggle with the adverse health impacts power plant pollution causes. ASBN’s community of business leaders has long supported cutting pollution from existing coal and gas power plants and the push to an equitable clean energy future. ASBN collected 170 comments in support of this rule in 2023 and is glad to see this progress toward closing the emissions gap. 

The fossil fuel industry spends millions of dollars each year on lobbying and ad campaigns to convince the American public and lawmakers that burning fossil fuels is the only solution to our energy needs. We can’t let them continue the lie. We must oppose any actions by Congress or in the courts to block pollution standards for power plants. We need the strongest possible protections to adequately safeguard our health and the climate. The EPA’s carbon pollution power plant standards and the Inflation Reduction Act are projected to lead to a 75% reduction below 2005 levels in carbon pollution by 2035.

Today’s action to curb pollution from power plants will make a real difference in slashing climate pollution and protecting our health and environment. “ said Michael Green, ASBN Senior Advisor on Climate and Energy. “President Biden and EPA Administrator Regan deserve thanks for responding to the urgent need for climate action with strong standards that will cut toxic power plant pollution – a major step towards achieving the President’s goal of slashing climate pollution in half by 2030. Their bold leadership will also clean up our air and water, making a significant difference in the health of families nationwide, especially in communities on the front lines of fossil fuel plants.


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