Statement from the American Sustainable Business Network on the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Media Release

Washington, DC — Today marks a dark day in American history.

The Supreme Courts decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in the recent decision made in Dobbs v. Jackson Womens Health Organization is an end to the common-sense human right to abortion and will deprive millions of Americans of the fundamental, constitutional right to oversee their own reproductive health — ending nearly 50 years of federal abortion rights.

The American Sustainable Business Network and its members stand in support of unrestricted abortion access for all. As we engage in public policy to create a more just and inclusive economy, ASBN is highly sensitive to the systemic inequities in American society and is committed to hold policy makers accountable to the diverse communities they serve.

The right to unrestricted healthcare options, including reproductive healthcare is fundamental to a healthy, vibrant, and inclusive economy. There is overwhelming support and data pointing to the direct correlation between healthy and free people and a healthy and strong economy.

As this ruling comes to us, we are convinced that the Supreme Court is anti-business, as stated in our recent op-ed in Impact Entrepreneur. Businesses rely on a healthy and competitive labor market, and are best served when workers have access to fundamental human rights, including the right to make choices about their reproductive health with their doctors medical support.

This same workforce expects and deserves business leaders who take bold action in support of their basic human rights, especially women who have been systematically removed from the workforce during the pandemic and now will be more directly impacted – including wage-earners, part-time workers, and those that do not have access to healthcare.

ASBN is urging action by business leaders upon hearing this regressive position from the Supreme Court and stands with all the businesses, consumers, workers, and communities, especially those that have already been historically marginalized from healthcare access, who are impacted by this fruitless and economically ignorant decision.

The protection of reproductive rights is a shared responsibility – in which businesses, faith communities, community leaders, and our elected officials play a significant role – but only through systemic change will our nation begin to address the historic injustices across communities that have long been under-valued and under-cared for in this country.  

ASBN will continue to push for critical solutions to these problems that have been created by the Supreme Court. As we write our statement, we anticipate roughly half of the states in the U.S. to ban abortion outright. We will be working with our state groups and regional members to ensure we support any meaningful policy solutions that are introduced at state and local levels to solve for this injustice.

If you would like to be involved in any of our activities, please contact Carolyn Pincus at We also support all of our members and partners who have taken steps to ensure reproductive healthcare access is made available to their employees. Please find a recent webinar here with our members who have laid out resources and actions for business to take during these times. We strongly believe the fight for a strong and healthy economy begins with a strong and healthy workforce. ASBN will continue to build a business movement to fight for racial, economic, and gender justice.